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my name is aira and I'm a huge turd obsessed with umineko
this blog is mostly video games
(bioshock, dishonored, borderlands)
and anime
(umineko, madoka magica, etc.)
and other fandom related stuff

blog is run mainly on a queue
Mostly active on my art blog!


because of our current situation I’ll be going to be on a bit of a hiatus starting now
with my laptop keyboard acting up I was probably gonna take a break anyway lol except now it’s for more important life stuff lol;;;
if you have my number or other social networking sites (twitter, instagram, snapchat, skype, etc) I’ll be a little more active and easier to contact if anything on those c:
I will still put time aside for commissions since I could really use the money, but they will take a little longer to finish.

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not that I was too active on this blog anyways
but yeah a bit if a life update
wish me luck ;u






comments by youtube users under the name of shinji ikari are my favorite






Cheer up, Jojo fandom, CLAMP also made fanarts of them!

(Source: plurk.com)


和風ハーゲンダッツ「ジャポネ <バニラ&きなこ黒蜜>」試食レビュー、濃厚バニラときなこ黒蜜ソースが絶妙にとろり x



Open for commissions! Unlimited slots!
watercolor commissions and sketch pages will be available again later on! Sorry!

In need of money for living expenses like food and stuff so, practically anything goes for these commissions! Yeah, I’ll draw practically anything.
though there are a few nsfw subjects I won’t do but said things that can be discussed!!!
I usually can finish up commissions anywhere from 1-2 weeks (depending on the amount of free time I have) but can work with a deadline if one is requested!

All prices listed are in USD and accepted via Paypal!
It is preferred that the payment is sent as "gift"
Otherwise payment can be sent as a "service" with fees included! (just trying to avoid fees tbh orz)
commissions are not started until payment is received.

If you’re interested or have any questions just shoot an e-mail over to 
with the subject “commission inquiry: (your tumblr url here)”!
commissions without this subject have been lost in the junk folder of my e-mail inbox. so please make sure the subject is in that format!

this is also my paypal address!
please don’t send asks about commissions, there are chances of those getting lost :c
even if you can’t afford a commission please reblog!
Every little bit helps<3!

somehow my bank account is in the negatives and that’s no good….
there’s a weird charge I can’t seem to place and I’m trying to look into it right now
but in the mean time a few commissions would be a great help to get me out of the red…reblogs would be really helpful too ; A ;

it’s not too horrible but one or two commissions would help me at least stay out of trouble!



Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Part I: Beginnings (2012) Shaft

And then the bitch throws all that out for her own selfish delusional desires. 

No matter how dark it is

I know I’m not alone

Moonlight shines upon us

(Source: lemedy)


Pokemon TCG Southern Island Collection part 2, illustrated by Naoyo Kimura and Keiko Fukuyama

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